Solar Pump Group Controller


The solar pump group controller which is specially designed is applied to the solar pump system with large flow or high head, such as the solar pump with multi-stage water lifting or multi-system pipelines in parallel. It can realize real-time dispatching and effective utilization of system energy, and can realize the stable work of the system with the maximum head of more than 1000m. Meanwhile, the energy efficiency of the system is 20% higher than that of the traditional single system.

The solar pump system with group controller PV array provide power supply to whole solar pump group control system, in the morning and evening,when solar power is weak, the system energy will priority supply to one single pump to ensure the work efficiency; When sunshine is sufficient , its realize the maximum power point tracking of multiple pumps, maximize the use of solar energy, When the system energy fluctuates, the system energy supply priority is judged according to system working state, which satisfies the normal operation of the system.


1, The touch-screen man-machine interface is adopted to display the operation information of each device in the system intuitively. 

2, The working head and water output of solar pump system are significantly improved, and the cost of PV modules in the system is also significantly reduced under the same conditions.

3, Common solar DC bus design, make multi-solar pump inverter to maximize the daily water output under the precondition of satisfying system requirement, improve the operating efficiency of the system and solar energy utilization;it also can setting inverter’s priority starting the master or slave pump;

4, Combination control, redundancy design, automatic operation, safe and reliable;

5, It provides scientific system control scheme for large-scale solar centerl pivot irrigation, field drip irrigation and high-lift water lifting system.

System application scenario:

1, High lift solar pump system of series pipeline


2,Parallel pipe, large flow photovoltaic water pump system

Solar Pump Group Controller


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