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Wind - Solar Energy Storage Charging Station


        After using wind energy and solar energy to generateelectricity and store it in the

energy storage battery cabinet, and then provide clean energy power supplyfor the

charging pile through the EMS energy manage-ment system, and provide fast

charging service for newenergy vehicles.

1.Off-grid and grid-connected seamless switching

2.Play the function of "cutting the front and filling the valley" of the municipal

power grid

3.Improve power utilization and reduce costs



Wind-Solar Storage Charging Station


Cost comparison

       Energy cost comparison

       Energy consumption per 100 kilometers: Electric vehicles are 15-25% of gasoline powered vehicles.

       Maintenance cost comparison

                 The most expensive batteries, motors, and electronic control components of electric vehiclesare generally guaranteed for life. Due to the large

                 number of mechanical components in fuel powered vehicles, they require frequent maintenance; Overall, compared to gasoline powered vehicles,

                 the average maintenance cost of electric vehicles has decreased by 22-40%.

       Environmental Data Analysis

Item Quan. Unit
Save standard coal 551.8 tons
CO₂ reduction 1375.4 tons
SO₂ reduction 41.4 tons
Reduction of nitrogen oxides 20.7 tons
Save annual electricity consumption 1379.5 MWh
Carbon reduction 375 tons


About Charging Station

      Charging station functions

     Allow 10 vehicles to charge simultaneously (50KWH per vehicle).It can meet the charging needs of 100 vehicles per day.

      Land For Charging Station Construction

     Covering an area of 5000-6600 square meters, this system can meet the charging needs of vehicles within a range of 15-25 kilometers in the

        surrounding area.

       Investment Return On Charging Stations

     Additional benefits: The charging station is equipped with cafes and supermarkets,which can shorten the investment cost recovery cycle.This

        system can provide quick and safe charging service for 100 electric vehicles per day within the range of 15-25 kilometers. It can operate offline

        or online. When operating offline, the site is not connected to the power grid. It is equipped with 5 sets of 120kW charging piles (dual gun) and

        can simultaneously charge 10 vehi-cles (50KWH per vehicle).

Energy storage capacity/kWh 619
Solar module power/kW 600
Wind power generation power/kw 100
Daily sunshine time 8
Charging station utilization rate hours/day 16
Total daily charging capacity/kWh 5000
Annual wind power generation/kWh 112500
Annual clean energy generation/kWh  2000000
Annual energy storage charging capacity/kWh  1825000
Annual new energy revenue/dollar   295000
Annual total revenue of charging stations/dollar  295000
Total investment cost
1.68 million dollars
Investment return time/year


       Multipurpose Expansion & Application Of Charging Stations

       According to demand, battery cabinets can be added to increase energy storage,suitable for areas with difficult power distribution. It can expand

        industrial and commercial power station systems, rural island power station systems, and field operation engineering power station systems. The

        capacity of wind and solar modules can be configured according to on-site terrain conditions.

       Increase Investment Amount For Charging Station Expansion

       Based on 100 electric vehicles per day, the charging capacity of each vehicle is calculated based on a 20 year service life, including equipment,

        construction,shipping, installation, insurance, maintenance, accessories, and other expenses.The total investment amount is 1.68 million US dollars.

        If the charging capacity of 200 vehicles per day is increased on this basis, the investment amount for the expansion of the charging station is

        approximately 960000 US dollars. If thecharging capacity of 300 vehicles per day is increased on this basis, the investment amount for the expansion

        of the charging station is 650000 US dollars.


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