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JNTECH Renewable Energy made a wonderful appearance at CAMENERGY 2023

JNTECH Renewable Energy made a wonderful appearance at CAMENERGY 2023

From September 14th to September 16th, the three-day CAMENERGY 2023 was held grandly at the Diamond Island Convention and Exhibition Center in Phnom Penh. JNTECH Renewable Energy is honoured to participate in this event and showcase the company's innovative achievements and leading technologies.




At this exhibition, JNTECH Renewable Energy demonstrated the solar smart irrigation system and its core product - the solar pump inverter. The system is completely driven by new energy. Through solar direct drive technology, energy management technology, detection and control technology, and irrigation technology, it perfectly combines solar power generation, automatic control, and irrigation technology to build an environmentally friendly and efficient green irrigation system.


What is exciting is that the JNTECH Renewable Energy Solar Smart Irrigation System has recently been officially put into use at Suixi Farm in Zimbabwe. This system will effectively solve the impact of local power outages on-farm crop irrigation, improve agricultural production capacity, and help Suixi Farm and the local people. high and stable grain yields and rapid economic development. This also fully demonstrates the technical strength and excellent solutions of JNTECH Renewable Energy in the field of solar smart irrigation.



In addition, JNTECH Renewable Energy also displayed solar energy storage systems and products. The system is mainly used in various energy storage scenarios, including household energy storage systems, industrial and commercial energy storage systems, village-level power stations, charging stations, oil production area optical storage systems, island wind and solar storage systems, base station wind and solar storage systems, and mine optical storage systems. wait. These diverse application scenarios fully demonstrate the broad applicability and high efficiency of the JNTECH Renewable Energy solar energy storage system.


The solar smart irrigation system and solar energy storage system solutions displayed at this exhibition have been widely used in Cambodia's regions and received excellent responses. JNTECH Renewable Energy is committed to promoting the development of local renewable energy and providing convenient and efficient energy services to residents. In the future, JNTECH Renewable Energy will continue to adhere to the innovative, green and sustainable development concepts, continue to increase investment in research and development, improve technological innovation capabilities, provide the world with more efficient and environmentally friendly new energy solutions, and help the world achieve green, low-carbon and sustainable development. Continuous development.

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