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JNTECH Renewable Energy showcased at the POWER & ENERGY AFRICA 2023

JNTECH Renewable Energy showcased at the POWER & ENERGY AFRICA 2023

The POWER & ENERGY AFRICA 2023, the largest and most influential solar industry event in Kenya and the entire East African region, took place with great fanfare at the Kenya International Convention Center from May 18th to 20th, 2023. JNTECH Renewable Energy showcased a variety of popular products at the exhibition, attracting numerous industry professionals and visitors who were eager to learn more. The event proved to be highly successful for the company.


Kenya experiences relatively high levels of solar radiation throughout the year, with over 300 sunny days annually. However, the country has been plagued by a lack of electricity, with nearly half of its population living without access to power. The situation is even more severe in remote rural areas. These factors make solar energy projects of tremendous strategic significance. Monica Juma, the Cabinet Secretary for Energy and Petroleum in Kenya, stated, "By 2030, Kenya aims to achieve 100% clean energy generation, thereby achieving carbon neutrality." At this exhibition, JNTECH Renewable Energy showcased solar water pump systems and solar energy storage systems, offering solutions that can provide support to Kenya's agricultural development and electricity supply, thus promoting the sustainable development of clean energy in Kenya.


JNTECH Renewable Energy's exhibited products, including solar pump inverters and solar irrigation machines, are primarily applied in scenarios such as solar smart irrigation systems, solar water lifting and supply systems, integrated solar irrigation systems combining water and fertilizer, and solar aeration and oxygenation systems. The new products in the solar energy storage system, including portable power supplies, household energy storage units, and high-frequency off-grid inverters, find applications in various settings such as outdoor environments, homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, and areas without access to electricity. The product range covers a wide range of power capacities, offering energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, safety, and cost-effectiveness.


As an outstanding service provider in the field of solar applications, JNTECH Renewable Energy is committed to ongoing research and innovation, consistently providing global customers with high-quality and competitive solar application system solutions. The company strives to offer safe, reliable, and economically viable solar irrigation, water supply, and power supply systems, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of clean energy. JNTECH Renewable Energy aims to contribute to the establishment of smart agriculture and the construction of a carbon-neutral world.

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