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JNTECH Renewable Energy unveiled at Nigeria Energy 2023

JNTECH Renewable Energy unveiled at Nigeria Energy 2023

On September 19, the three-day Nigeria Energy 2023 grandly opened at the Expo Center in Lagos, Nigeria. As West Africa's leading energy event, JNTECH Renewable Energy's trip was worthwhile and fruitful.



JNTECH Renewable Energy unveiled the core products of the solar smart irrigation system at this exhibition, JNP18K5H-V5, JNP7K5H and SWP7K5H-V1 water pump inverters and the new JN-SPD20 solar irrigation machine. As the industry standard setter for solar pump systems and inverters in China, JNTECH Renewable Energy has repeatedly broken through domestic and foreign solar water extraction barriers and contributed modestly to the development of world agriculture.




Over the years, JNTECH Renewable Energy has been working hard not only for solar smart irrigation systems but also energy storage systems, providing energy storage solutions to the world. Household energy storage systems, industrial and commercial energy storage systems, village-level power stations, charging stations, oil production area optical storage systems, island wind and solar storage systems, base station wind and solar storage systems, and mine optical storage systems have spread worldwide.


The sustainable development of clean energy is the general trend. JNTECH Renewable Energy will unflinchingly become a practitioner and promoter of clean energy development, continuously enhance its energy technology research and development capabilities, and make unremitting efforts to realize the dream of a zero-carbon world.

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