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JNTECH Appears at the 2023 China Smart Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Exhibition

JNTECH Appears at the 2023 China Smart Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Exhibition

The 2023 China Smart Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Exhibition is held in Hefei from July 6th to 8th. With the theme of "promoting energy innovation and promoting green development", the exhibition is held at Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center. JNTECH was invited to participate in the exhibition. In this exhibition, JNTECH make a stunning appearance with mainstream products and systems, demonstrating the application of solar pump systems and solar energy storage systems in different scenarios.



Solar pump inverters and solar pump demonstration systems are mainly used in scenarios of solar smart irrigation, solar water pumping and supply, integrated water and fertilizer irrigation, solar aeration and oxygen enhancement; Solar energy storage system products, such as portable power supply device, residential energy storage all-in-one machine, solar energy storage integrated machine and energy storage cabinets are used in scenarios of residential energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, and microgrids. Among them, the microgrid systems are creating more standardized solutions, such as the construction of village power stations in areas without electricity and power shortages; the construction of solar-storage systems in large-scale oil production areas; Based on customer needs, JNTECH constantly upgrades and standardizes application system solutions.


Following the national dual-carbon strategy, JNTECH deeply focuses on the R&D and innovation of core technologies and will continue to provide reliable, intelligent and green application system solutions for the development of renewable energy such as solar irrigation and solar energy storage, and contribute to the sustainable development of clean energy Inject new power, walk toward the light, and build a zero-carbon world.

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