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Solar Charger Controller For Battery 20-30kW

Solar Charger Controller For Battery 20-30kW

The High Voltage Solar Charger is designed for large-scale solar energy storage systems and direct-drive solar power supply systems.Advanced MPPT tracking technology, tracking efficiency greater than 99%, Standard Modbus communication protocol based on RS-485 communication bus.
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Solar Battery Charger High Voltage

Solar Charger Controller For Battery 20-30kW 

The high voltage mppt solar charger control algorithm utilized in the solar charger optimizes real-time solar panel energy output and allows for customizable battery parameters. The controller can charge the battery independently and can also be integrated with an energy storage system. Additionally, it offers remote control and parallel operation via external communication.


  1. Advanced MPPT tracking algorithm with over 99% efficiency.
  2. Using IGBT as electronic switch and highefficiency mute magnetic components, high efficiency, fast response, low noise.
  3. LCD display shows a variety of electric alparameters and can be used to customize battery parameters.
  4. Long-lasting design featuring IP65 protection level,suitable for complex outdoor operating environments.
  5. In addition to charging the battery, it can also power DC loads like heaters and resistive loads.
  6. Ultra-wide input voltage range and designed for high voltage output.
  7. Charge and discharge management can be controlled by RS485 and CAN controllers.

Machine model JNC20KH-V1 JNC26KH-V1 JNC30KH-V1
PV input      
Max. input voltage 1000VDC    
MPPT  range 350VDC~950VDC 350VDC~950VDC 550VDC~950VDC
Max. charging power 20kW 26kW 30kW
Battery rated voltage 192VDC 230VDC 288VDC
Max. charging current 100A    
Max. efficiency ≥90%    
Machine parameters      
Dimensions(W/H/D) 482*222*491mm    
Weight 28Kg    
Other parameter      
Protection level IP21    
Noise <60dB    
Cooling way Forced air cooling    
Operating temperature -20~+55℃    
Storage temperature -25~+70℃    
Display LCD/LED    
Altitude 2000m(>2000m derating operation)  
Fault protection With input over-voltage protection, output over-voltage protection, output over-current protection, output short-circuit protection, input and output anti-reverse connection protection, heat sink
over-temperature protection, etc
Safety requirements Insulation resistance≥100MΩ   Insulation strength AC1500V/1min
Compliance CE; lEC 62109-1; lEC 62109-2;    

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