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Why need an energy storage system?

Why need an energy storage system?

Nov 28, 2023

Energy storage is one of the best solutions to reduce the utility cost without high infrastructure expenses. It transforms the way that homeowners, businesses and utilities use power.


The energy storage system is also an astute investment that can effectively reduce electricity costs, especially when facing financial pressure caused by contingency or force majeure like a  bushfire.


Access energy independence and ensure the electricity supply even when the grid fails due to accidents.


  • Decreasing ecological footprint by storing renewable energy such as solar power.
  • Live a safe and sound green life using a LiFePO4 battery and cobalt-free.
  • By storing the surplus PV generation in a battery storage unit, you can maximize self-consumption and reduce your electricity bill.
  • Reduce your electricity bill by storing electricity during off-peak time and shifting energy to be used at peak time.
  • Selling excess renewable energy to the grid or directly to other users in the microgrid.


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