solar microgrid system

  • MICRO-GRID SYSTEM-Village level micro grid energy storage power station MICRO-GRID SYSTEM-Village level micro grid energy storage power station
    Jan 22, 2024
    The village-level microgrid energy storage power station uses solar microgrid technology to generate electricity for village residents and charge the energy storage during the day. When solar power generation is unavailable at night, on cloudy days, snowy days, etc., it automatically switches to the energy storage system to supply power, to solve the power consumption problem of the rural population without electricity and power shortage.   Each system has a solar power generation of 500kW and an energy storage capacity of 2000kWh, which can meet the electricity needs of over 1000 people.   There is a high demand in rural markets in domestic and international electricity-free areas, especially in Africa. It is expected that 500000 to 600000 villages will need to install 500000 to 600000 sets of this system, which can reach a market capacity of approximately 7 Billion US Dollars and solve the electricity consumption problem of nearly 700 million people in an electricity-free and electricity-deficient areas.
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