Microgrid frequency conversion control system

  • Jntech renewable energy power supply solutions zero-carbon oil recovery microgrid system Jntech renewable energy power supply solutions zero-carbon oil recovery microgrid system
    Dec 04, 2023
    For high energy consumption and heavy pollution oil production equipment, our company provides a complete set of renewable energy power supply solutions, using solar and wind power to form an independently  operating innovative micro-grid system, which consists of solar power, wind power, solar direct drive systems, oil production It consists of machine load, energy management system, electrical component temperature control and integrated monitoring system. The system can intelligently switch between multiple  working modes to meet energy needs under different conditions.   System features 1. It is solar direct drive, efficiently utilizing green electricity; solar and mains real-time hybrid operation plan, giving priority to solar energy; 2. Frequency conversion control system reduces system idling and reactive power loss, and significantly saves system energy; 3. Multi-unit linkage and group control, dynamic optimization of timing, and energy recovery between units to achieve optimal operation; 4. Adopt an intelligent and information-based operation management platform to significantly improve work efficiency and reduce costs; 5. The designed installed capacity does not require line modifications and is not limited by transformer capacity. It maximizes the utilization rate of green power based on the actual operating conditions of the equipment; 6. In the oil well station area, the solar system is installed and set up nearby and ready for use. The on-site construction, installation and commissioning of a single system can be completed in 20 days.             
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