Solar Pump Inverter 3ph 75kw~132kw


This product is specially designed for super Large field irrigation,city water supply pump system,using hybrid design with solar and utility /DG Energy online complementation by JNTECH AC powerpack.


1. It has strong overload capability and can drive the 3ph pump with 1:1 horse power;

2. Advanced dynamic MPPT function, efficiency >99%;wide range of MPPT input voltage ranges;

3, Adopt advanced IGBT power module,inside with AC filter for high head system;

4. IP21 design,speed regulating heat dissipation,indoor use;
5. RS485 and GPRS remote monitoring and start-stop management through APP;
6. Meet the simultaneous input of the utility Grid/DG and solar, automatic switching, online energy complementary, solar priority, keep the pump rated work, and achieve 24H water supply.
7 .Perfect system protection, undervoltage, overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, grid phase loss, pump dry, phase loss, short circuit, overheating, etc.

8. Fully automatic operation control, soft start and soft stop,one key to start.

Solar Pump Inverter 3ph 75kw~132kw


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