High Voltage Solar Charger




The charger is connected in parallel with the solar water pump system, sharing the same solar panel system to maximize the utilization of photovoltaic energy and provide  with an integrated solution that can supply both water and electricity.The application of high voltage solar charge improves the utilization rate of PV modules in Solar Pumping System. This is especially true in applications requiring power and water supply, such as remote farmland irrigation and water supply facilities that require human supervision.


1, Can work as one separate off-grid power generation system;

2, It is connected in parallel with the solar water pump system, Max. utilization of PV module energy;

3, High-voltage input with wide range, isolated design, safe and reliable;

4, 12V/24V/48V battery,25A/30A /20A charging current selectable;

5, Excellent power management, over-voltage and current-limit protection function;

6, Integrated switch, wall-mounting, easy operation.

High Voltage Solar Charger


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