Solar center pivot irrigation system


In agricultural production, the use of traditional energy has exposed many problems, such as difficult power grid coverage, uneconomical use of diesel power generation, unguaranteed oil procurement, and even less energy conservation and environmental protection. Combined with the development of the solar industry  and the actual needs of agricultural irrigation, the use of solar for sprinkling irrigation equipment to completely or partially replace the original cost of high pollution and low efficiency power system will make irrigation cheaper and easier.

System features:

● this center pivot irrigation system driving only from solar powered energy, using jntech specialized designed solar pump inverter and contrloller technology,it is not need the battery;

● The system adopts solar variable frequency direct drive technology, which can be perfectly combined with various traditional irrigation systems.

● solar voltage input range is wide, built-in MPPT technology, maximize the use of solar power, high conversion efficiency;

● Deeply combined with the operation characteristics of traditional irrigation equipment, the optimized control strategy can realize the stable control of irrigation system pressure in complex weather, greatly improving the system life and working stability.

● Real-time monitoring system pressure, flow, solar power generation data and system working status;

● Support mixed power supply of main grid or diesel generator, seamless switching of solar priority.

Solar center pivot irrigation system


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